1.2 Microsoft Publisher 2007: Make Your Own Business Cards

When working with Publisher, you can choose to create a Publication from scratch or begin by using a template.

As discussed in the introduction, there are dozens of publications that can be created and modified in Publisher.

Such works are Business cards, Calendars, Catalogs, Flyers, Greeting Cards, Newsletters, and Menus and that’s just to name a few! In this module, we will be working from a template to create a Business Card.

Ensure you have Publisher 2007 launched, and you are viewing the Getting Started with Microsoft office Publisher 2007 Window.

Each type of publication has the same repeating design schemes that provide colors, layout, as well as content.

From the Publication Types pane, select the Business Cards category.

You will see thumbnails of each business card and design with the name underneath it.

To increase the size of the thumbnail to get a better look at the designs, use the zoom in button at the bottom of the window.

Using the scroll bar you can navigate through each of the design sets.

Once you find one that you like, go ahead and click on that thumbnail in order to select and begin working with it.

Ensure your page size setting is set to Landscape.

Also, note that you can set your color and font schemes here, but they can also be modified later.

Let’s click the create button now.

The Business Card opens in the working area with your chosen settings.

Take note that the Business card dimensions (by default) are three and a half by two inches.

It looks bigger than this because Publisher simply magnifies the Business Card to ensure that you can properly view the content that you are working with.

To view the actual size of the Business Card, click the drop down arrow in the zoom option on the standard toolbar.