4 Total Life Changes Business Cards Tips & Market TLC Like a Pro

Hi there, Seb here, and if you are lookingfor tips on Total Life Changes business cards and some tips on how to use them you are definitelyin the right place and if you want some more training on hot to build your TLC businessand generate some more sales you can go on my website here at any time but in this videoI wanna give you some tips that will help you to get more contacts for your businessand expose your business to more people.

So my favourite place to order business cardsis Vista Print, a very reliable company, they haven�t failed me yet.

I�ve had tons oforders through them they have served me for years.

I would recommend ordering throughVista Print and there is a link in my video description inbox if you haven�t actuallygot a link already of where to buy business cards.

Now the next thing we do is that we networklocally in order to hand these business cards out.

Go to networking functions.

Look locallyand see if there is anything for local business owners.

There must be something in your areaor maybe you have to travel a bit but it�s definitely worth networking, gong to theseevents at least once a month.

Now the problem is, most networkers in TLC and other companies,they will go into these networking events and they will just throw up information.

Theywill find any living breathing soul and just tell them all about their business.

This isthe wrong way to go about it, you want people asking you what you do and you wanna makeit interesting so instead of you saying, �I am a distributor in TLC,� what you wannasay is, �I get paid�.

� Maybe you can say something like this, �I get paid tohelp people lose weight.

� So that�s actually quite interesting and then people can askyou more and you just tell them but in snippets of information.

And they will say well, howdoes that work then? And you would say, �well one we help customer lose X amount of weightin X amount of time.

� And you keep it short and sweet because the shorter you keep it,less is more especially in networking.

You want people asking you questions and you areable to just give them small snippets of information and if they are really interested then youcan have them take a look at your website or video or something like that.

Now the next thing you wanna do is actuallypersonalize these Total Life Changes business cards.

My favourite thing to do, I�m notactually in TLC by the way, I�m in another company but my favourite thing on flyers thatI hand out for my network marketing business is, I like to put my picture on the flyer,so when I speak to this person and we have a conversation, they�ll take the flyer home,they�ll see my picture and the rapport is kind of regained because they will actually�.

They will remember me just from seeing my picture.

They remember that conversation.

That can be a real great way to personalize and also stand out from the crowd.

Now the final thing you wanna do is gatheras many business cards as possible.

I didn�t want this to happen but this is probably themost important thing you should do and then follow up with these people afterwards.

Givethem a call and just ask them, �Hey, are you open to additional streams of income?You know, you can probably phrase it a little bit better than that but actually follow upwith these people saying, �Hey, you know we had a conversation about TLC or whateverand I just want to follow up and just to see if you are actually open to what we�re doingbusiness wise.

You know, would you be open to a side project that wouldn�t interferewith what you are currently doing? Very easy line and you get a yes or maybe you can takeit from there.

I did some videos on how to deal with in terms of answers to that questionbut this information should help you here in today.

So if you like these tips make sureyou go to my website, http://MLMSuccessWithSeb.

Com where you will get 10 tips on how to generateleads for free starting today and I really look forward to helping you out further inmore of my videos.

So thanks for watching, I look forward to your feedback on my TotalLife Changes business cards vid and I will see you on the next one.