AVERY Door Hanger with Tear-Away Cards, 4 1/4 x 11, Matte White, 80 Doorhangers

There are many ways to grow your business.

How you chose to market yourself it is up to you.

Regardless of your plan you want professionalmemorable promotional materials and things to AVERY Door Hangers you can create engagingpromotional collateral right from your own computer.

There is no need to outsource toprinters who charge costly fees for minimum orders.

AVERY Door Hangers give you the flexibilityand control to create your materials in house.

They are made from high quality, sturdy, brightwhite card stock so they are great for generating awareness, promoting seasonal and specialoffers and attracting repeat customers and since you can print them using an inkjet,laser printer or copier AVERY Door Hangers maximize impact to your customers and valueto you.

Each door hanger includes two business card sized perforated cards at the bottomso consumers can remove them easily without scissors.

They are perfect to use as contactcards, coupons for product your service, referral cards or seasonal promotions.

Not a designer,not a problem.

First customize your template using AVERY design and print online at avery.


With our easy to customize predesigned templates all you need to do is fill out your contactinformation, then add your own images or use one of ours.

Once you finished your designit is important to do a test print on a plain sheet of paper to ensure that it is aligningproperly.

Once it looks right you are ready to print.

Use the controls in the print dialoguebox to adjust the settings for paper type to heavy weight or card stock.

Be sure toput your door hangers into the printer in the right direction so they print properly.

If you want you can print the other side as well then carefully fold the product alongwith perforations to separate the door hangers.

It is like you have your own marketing departmentat the click of a finger.

Now you truly promote from within with professional looking AVERYDoor Hangers little things that work in a big way.