Business Card Cubes

Here's how to make a simple cube using sixbusiness cards or other card-shaped objects.

Start with two cards back-to-back like this.

Fold them around each other.

So, two flaps go one way, two flaps come back the otherway.

Do that again two more times with your remaining cards.

When you're done, unfold all your cards.

Then start with one in the middle and two on the edges.

You'll probablywant to hold a finger down here so that these two side ones don't fall over.

Then take anothercard like this and slide it in so that this flap here, from the bottom card, is outside,and these two side flaps from this card are on the outside.

Hold on to the one you justput in, remove your finger, and take another card and put it on this side as a mirror imageof this card.

And then the last card goes on as a mirror image of the bottom card.

So,it slides in under these “roof” flaps, and this flap comes out, and there you go.

There is a self-supporting business card cube.