business card design templates, Adobe Photoshop Tutorial.

Hello every guise, this is graphic cl center.

today for you are present, how to make a professional business card design template.

, and best design size.

Then create a new document, and best size we are first largest size 1050 and height hmm 600.

ok and resolution 72 ok and next best color for you looking this color.

this code here and other ok and open a create a new layer and next work color box and you select the s function color setting, and just this function ok.

And increase to decrease this color and we selected, first selected this color you look and going to rectangular marquee tool.

Dark feel this color.

feel this color click rectangular marquee tool.

next create a new layer first layer and color some deep color ok same work rectangular marquee tool.

new layer and color some deep color next work 123 layer connecting with ok them press Crtl+E ok sorry you look just connecting and next work border making them quality border ok quality border making for.

Need two Layer border 1.

you look Border 1 and next BORDER 2 Border 2 And First Border.

rectangular marquee tool And Color This color First Border are set we are here Here set going on pain bucket tool and next Border 2 this rectangular marquee tool border and this color to deep color.

going on pain bucket tool this color to deep color.

And connecting with ok.

and next work 1 border and 2 border connecting.

both with.

and you look.

this border Ctrl+T For resizing created this border.

complete this border you look you good looking This border here OK complete this border.

AND NEXT SAME This border making system Border 3 Border 4 Border 3 border 4 going on rectangular marquee tool.

first border this color to decrease color ok so this color, and This Color this color to increase color and same rectangular marquee tool same size And border 4.

and This color to Deep Color ok Going on pain bucket tool feel this color.

Next work 2 border connecting with Ctrl +E on windows system and resizing for Ctrl+T OK move tool Ctrl+T Complete we are color panel And next work Every layer connecting with And You look OK And Ctrl+T for resizing and cut/ Delete Ctrl+Alt move to up placement And Layer This Layer we are looking.

Right sizing OK right size.

every perfect size here.

Ctrl+T apply button OK going on move tool Ctrl+Alt right place management for movement.

Zoom out Resizing And opacity For best size Looking Ctrl+T Ctrl+T zoom First Layer.

Going on move tool Ctrl+T For resizing and opacity.

Layer right place movement OK.

Click on Move tool.

Ctrl+T Ctrl+T And here problem.

Ctrl+T Here OK complete we are designing some.

And Next Work Ctrl+E For windows system And You Look Ctrl+J and Off this Layer This Layer Ctrl+Click And Create a new Layer and here feel this color.

white color going on pain bucket tool OK And This Layer Delete and this layer to Ctrl+J.

for resizing largest and Ctrl+E OK Move Tool Next work And This Layer Next Work First Layer Lear style Going on Stoke.

and feel this color.

Sorry Deep Blue Size 2 OK And this Layer On OK You Look This System Next Work Here Your Logo and And your Name and other connecting contact with Text Next Work here connecting logo.

set this logo we are company created This Logo Set.

this logo here And Going on eraser tool.

Sorry background magic eraser tool.

OK Magic eraser tool.

Magic eraser tool.

OK and move tool Same This Stroke Here Stroke and white color.

White Color and Size 2 You Look Some noise noise removing for.

Do the zoom Zoom Tool And Next Work Lasso Tool.

Delete Here Delete Delete Button Press And Here Delete Button And Move Tool and Going on Hand Tool Right Button Print Size Control to zoom out OK Ctrl+T for resize.

Your Main Title Here Your Company Name And Your Name And Create a New Layer.

Text Going on Arial Font Arial Example Just Text For you see Graphic cl Center 6pt Sorry 68 pt Ctrl+T You Looking This 58.

14 pt Then Color Changing OK layer style.

going on Stroke Here color white Color And Size 2 OK And Your subtitle Here new Layer Sub Title G GR GRAP GRAPHIC GRAPHIC EXPERT And other font Segoe Print Just Best Font Here This Font Segoe Print And Size 34.

52 pt Layer Style Stroke Color Black And Size 2 OK Move Tool Graphic CL Center Graphic Expert.

And Here Other Document New Layer And Going on Custom Shape tool Here First you Your Phone Icon Sorry First Text Contact us C CO CON CONTEC CONTACT CONTACT US Contact us And Largest And Good Font Arial Font And Size 10 Sory 14 pt 18 pt OK 29.

14 pt And Best For Bold Contact Us New Layer And Custom Shape Tool Phone i cone Phone i cone And Next Email I cone rasterize layer sorry rasterize layer and rasterize layer Next world wade web icon.

OK And sizing for More OK Best size Arrow key Down arrow Button And rasterize layer Create a New Layer Text Layer Here your Phone number.

+88 50 6832 +8801850806832 And Size 24 pt Best Size And Regular Next New Layer email Dipsarkar624@gmail.

Com and next.

world wide web icon for Your web site URL Here WWW.


Com and you here your other Experience Here your other Experience About US About US Ctrl+T And selected this bold.

for italic your according.

new layer and your other Experience Logo design Logo design sorry etc etc and your other Experience attach here.


OK text and etc OK and this video if you likely then you like and share and subscribe.

and comment here, how can be my video thank you thank you and File size Save as Complete this Business Card And your Printing For Ready And You Printing size for 3.

5" and height 2" For Best Printing Size You And ready for Business Card Thank you.