Business Card Magnet – Q1656


I'm a Magnetic Business Card.

And I'm a regular paper business card.

But this is, uh, this is nice.

What is it,a magnet? Yeah, I stick to pretty much any metalsurface so people can always get a good glimpse of me.

Filing cabinets, desk drawers, refrigerators.

Um, uh yeah.

It's just too bad you're a littlebulkier and cumbersome.

Mmmmm no actually, we're about the same size.

Two inches, by three and a half, by.

02 inches.

Well, even if we are the same size I meansome of us are obviously a little better at certain things than others.

Well, I mean I do print with full color, soyou could print virtually any image or any kind of information on me, and it'll showup as vividly as you want it to.

But ya know, you're probably just as good- I'll tell you what I can print.

I can printhigh quality stuff like names, numbers, grayscale pie charts.

Well it's gotta be kinda hard to capture thecustomer's experience with your brand using a pie chart, right? No no no.

Like, the darker color on the chartcould represent great customer service.

And like the lighter color could representthe product itself.

Yeah that.

I get it.

That makes sense.

Of course it makes sense.

It's good use ofminimal ink.

Yeah, right, that's real good.


Alright, you know what.

Yours doesn't even rip.

Doesn't even rip.

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