Business Card Printing in New York City

Hi and welcome to another installment of InfluenceGraphics University.

Today we're going to talk about something that everyone in NewYork needs – business cards.

If there is one printed product that you just can't be without,it's a business card! Business cards contain all the pertinent contact information thatyour business associates, customers and suppliers need in order to conduct business with you.

If you don't have a business card, you're not going to be taken seriously, especiallyhere in the Big Apple.

Your business card is going to represent youlong after it's exchanged hands.

So you really want your business card to reflect the qualityand style of your business.

That's one reason why it's important to select a high qualitybusiness card printer that will offer you the most printing options and make your businesscards something that you're proud to hand out!Business cards traditionally come in the standard size of 2 inches x 3-1/2 inches and are commonlyprinted on 100# or 120# card stock.

Some clients like their business cards to stand out fromthe crowd by rounding the corners, die cutting them into shapes, having an odd sized card,embossing their logo onto the cards, you name it, everyone wants a business card that getsnoticed.

Some of the other options that are often requested are laminating the businesscard or adding a UV coating to protect the card.

At Influence Graphics we can print justabout any kind of business card you might want.

We print all of our customers businesscards on our Indigo digital offset printing press which provides superior quality compared toother printing methods.

Influence Graphics is the leading digitalprinting company in New York City.

We specialize in rush, short run, high quality printing.

At Influence Graphics we understand the pace of business today and understand the pressuresbusiness owners face today.

We do make you wait days or weeks for your business cardsto be printed.

We are the print on demand specialists.

Maybe you're visiting New Yorkon business and forgot your business cards; maybe you're here at a trade show at the JavitzConvention Center and handed out so many cards that you ran out.

No matter what the reasonis, if you're here in New York City and you have an urgent need for rush business cardprinting we can get it done.

We offer an overnight business card printing option.

Get your orderin before 3pm and your business cards will be ready for you to pick up the next day.

We even have a same day business card printing option if you're really in that big of a rush.

And don't worry, we don't make you order more cards than you need, just order the numberof business cards that you need now and when your current supply is depleted, you can updateyour business cards if you like, and then print more.

No more obsolescent business cardssitting on a dusty shelf somewhere.

If you're interested to see how business cardsare actually created we've put together this video showing you the process.

Since business cards are small we gang up or "impose" multiple copies of your businesscard onto one press sheet.

The pressman prints one sheet to check the quality and color andthen prints the full batch.

Once the cards are printed they are broughtto a machine that slits and trims them into individual cards.

When the images were imposedregistration marks were added to the press sheets which allows the machine to know theexact dimensions of the business card.

The machine automatically adjusts the cuttingblades to the correct width and pulls the press sheets into the machine and slits andtrims them to the correct size and come out the other end.

The operator does a final qualitycheck of the cards and uses a digital scale to count the cards.

The business cards areboxed, shrink wrapped and ready for pick up or delivery.

Well that concludes this segment on businesscards.

If you have questions about your specific business card printing needs feel free tocall one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives who can answer all your questions.

Thanks for watching.