Business cards – How to Order Business Cards Online

bjbjq Hello everyone this is Stefan Boyle,founder of PrintRepublic, and I'm just doing a quick online demo today to show you howeasy it is to order your business cards online with the PrintRepublic website.

So we're atthe PrintRepublic domain, PrintRepublic.



So you've got various screens, clicking throughhere, different offers, but you can click on this Browse button here and it'll takeyou to some of the different products.

So we've got business cards, Christmas cards,compliment slips, flyers, leaflets, letterheads and more products coming soon.

But anywaytoday we're doing business cards.

So you click on this Business Cards button here.

This willload you up with the site.

Now if you've got your own business card artwork, you can simplyclick onto this page here, and you've got your pricing here and you can click onto thisbutton, and you can actually upload your own artwork.

Now today I'm going to show you howto personalise your business cards online using some of our templates.

So let's clickback to the main Business Cards page.

So we've got a whole range of different business carddesign templates.

Down here we've got all different industry categories.

But, say forexample, you've got a car wash business.

You want a car wash business card.

So you clickonto that template, get a bit more of a close up view.

You can even enlarge the page evenmore if you want to.

But you say right yet, there's even a suite of products as well asa letterhead and a compliment slip that matches this business card.

Let's click onto Personalizethis item.

Here's the front side of the business card.

So you can personalise this page here.

Just put whatever information you want to put on there.

You can put your name on thereor whatever information you want.

It automatically saves it and updates the page for you as yougo.

So you're happy with that page, hit Save, continue to the next side.

So it's broughtacross this detail here for you straight away.

So I'm going to refill that in.

You can nowput in the information you want on this page as well.

So you just go through and obviouslypersonalise every section of the card.

As you type in here, it updates the informationfor you.

It's pretty straightforward, fairly to do.

You can put all of your mobile numbers,telephone number, email, website, your address, etc.

onto there.

You can even change thishere for a strap line if you want to or a slogan or whatever you want to do.

Once youpersonalise the business card, you get a preview page.

Now you can zoom in, so you can reallycheck every detail of your card to make sure you're happy with it.

Hit the other side,scroll down.

There's even a PDF proof if you want to download a PDF for double checkingor printing out to read it a bit more carefully yourself.

Once you're happy with that, youcan confirm here.

You will confirm that you have checked these details and you're readyto go with ordering your business cards.

So let's confirm, Add to our basket.

Now youcan see straight away here your order.

You can say, Well, I want to have 100 businesscards, Choose the amount to order.

Obviously, you need to have an account.

So let's clickon here.

I've already got a demo account set up for you.

But it's dead simple, like anyonline business, it's very simple to create an account.

So once you've done that, clickonto your basket, confirm.

Now what you can also do, there's other products as well.

Ifyou're really not sure, you can actually change your business card at that stage.

If you'rehappy with that, you can Add Delivery.

Now it's also prompting you here to say, Lookthere are matching compliment slips and letterhead you can order at the same time.

If you wantthose, you can just add them to the basket and personalise them.

If you want to justcontinue with your business card itself, you can put in your address details here.

Usethe address.

Now there are different turnarounds available.

You can have it standard sevendays is free.

But if you're in a rush for these, you want it in 3 days or 48 hour turnaround,you can choose different options here.

Let's say you just want it in seven days.


Continue to payment, and that's it.

It's simple as that.

So click onto PrintRepublic.



Give us a try and get cracking on all your business cards.

Thanks for listening.

Thisis Stefan Boyle signing out.

Thank you.



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