Cam Gentry – The Use of Business Cards

hi my name is Cam Gentry I'm the medicallibrarian for all of the Via Christi Health System in kansas I'm located atthe st.

Francis Hospital in Wichita [Music Playing] My top effective practice is the use of businesscards I chose it for a couple reasons One I think it's something simple thatanyone can do I think it's highly useful and I did a two-person survey on if theyhave business cards or not and they both said no they said but what a good ideathere's two important uses for them I think the first is obviously its publicity and you cantell people where the library is where you are how to get a hold of you your website your emailetcetera secondly if you're like me and you're somewhat shy having a businesscard is like an introduction it really works well for me I can say hi I'm yourlibrarian give them the card and then they can say oh and then usually they have a questionor something and i can answer them so for me it kinda smooths the pathway to theconversation about the library I use my cards a lot I buy 500 at a time and Igo through them pretty quickly so do not be stingy with these things buy big boxesand and hand them out liberally I hand mine out at orientations staple them to handouts I give outI hand them out at new community meetings where people don't know me I hand them outwhen somebody is a new library patron I hand them out if somebody asks for my phonenumber or email and also I occasionally hand them out as I did last week whensomebody comes in the library for a meeting and they go, "Oh I didn't know there was a library here"and Ii go, "Really?" so then I chatter a bit go get a business card andgive it to them.

I have two little brief stories about business cards, one day I was walkingdown the hallway here at the hospital and drat my CEO walks by me it's a hugeinstitution he doesn't know who I am but he said hello he's polite I said helloand he took off like a shot well I didn't have any business cards with meI was so mad at myself when I got back to library I said I'm alwaysgonna have some in my pocket cause I could have easily handed him one withreally not interrupting his pace at all and he could have kept going and then theother time I was in a grocery store with my work badge on which says medical librarian and thatcashier was just taken by this idea as a job she asked me what I did and she saidit sounded exciting and on and on and I didn't have a business card to give her and I wasdisappointed because at a Walmart somewhere in Wichita Kansas there issome girl that is dying to be a medical librarian, good for her and so I justencourage you all to get cards be creative with them as much as you're allowedand hand them out do not buy them and just say Oh they cost money I'm gonna save them for just important occasions, nope no no everywhere right and left and that wayat least people recognize where the library is and where you are [Music Playing] I feel it's really important to have myface and my person working with people and not just talk on the phone orinternet I think it's done really well for me as I am pretty embedded in thehospital I really enjoy my people and I think the library is used quite offten.