Car Detailing Business Marketing: Door-to-Door vs Online

When you're starting your car detailing business,what's one of the first things you think about when you want to market and advertise yourbusiness? Most of you are going to say door-to-door marketing which is going door-to-door or maybecar-to-car and leaving either your business card or some type of brochure for your servicesand your business.

Well in this video, we're going to talk about why that maybe not besuch a good idea and other alternatives you can do to get your business off the groundand running.

Just about any services-based business that starts whether it be carpetcleaning, lawn mowing, plumbing, HVAC, roofing, most of the time, people think that "If I'mgoing to start this business, I need to go to the customers are going to be and that'sneighborhoods.

" So they start what they call canvasing neighborhoods.

They just go door-to-door,car-to-car and just leave brochures and business cards and hope that if we go canvas an entireneighborhood hood of a thousand residents then at least a few of them will give us acall within the next month.

And they'll do this day after day, week after week and justgo literally neighborhood to neighborhood leaving their brochures and business cardsin hopes that eventually, some customers will call.

And back in the day, let's say maybefive years ago that was more effective.

But in today's market with so much digital channelsthat we have that you can go after, doing door-to-door marketing or canvassing is notthe most ideal thing to do, in my eyes of course.

Maybe others will continue to do soand I'm sure to many others it works great.

Just in my personal opinion, with the digitalassets that we have now, such as Google or search engine optimization, social media,and so many other channels online, that doing physical, uh, time consuming door-to-door-to-dooris not effective anymore.

So for instance, social media, just imagine social media beingdoor-to-door marketing just digitally.

Because social media can have that real word-of-mouthreferral system that everyone wants because again friend of friends are on social mediaso it's so easy to share someone's work as a detailer to another audience.

So let's sayyou have your friend, sister, wife, whoever it maybe, they, you service their car or theyjust, you tell them to share you work with their audience and then hopefully you'll havea compound effect and someone will see it and then they need their car detailed so you'llhave that referral come in through someone who is sharing your work.

Or perhaps you wantto spend your time building your website and optimizing your website for search engineoptimization.

And you work for three, six, eight months and you get your website on thefirst page of Google and then you'll have monthly consistent calls and emails comingin for your services.

And you know, the door-to-door marketing is kind of an immediate, you know,you print the business cards, you print the brochures, and you just get to it.

You hitthe ground running.

But in terms of the time you put into it, in terms of actually walkingdoor-to-door, neighborhood-to-neighborhood and then the money you spend on the businesscards and brochures aren't worth it for the ROI that you get, the return on investment.

You can spend a little bit more time, a little bit more money, or a lot more time and a lotmore money, on the digital assets of things, of building your online reputation whetherit be through social media or search engine optimization, and the reward will be muchhigher, the return on investment will be much higher than the short coming of just goingdoor-to-door.

Because obviously as soon as someone sees their, at least what I do whenI see someone's brochure or business card on you know the fence outside or my car door,I just throw it away.

Just because that's not, it doesn't have my attention for thattype of service, I'm not going to to go out and just keep it in case I ever need a specifictype of service.

You know, when I have a specific need or need some type of service, I'll justgo do a quick online search or check social media to see if anyone has some recommendationfor a specific service.

But that's, you know, when I need that problem solved thats whenI go out and look for a solution.

So canvassing an area, you can do that, again, but there'sso many other digital assets that you can go after that will give you much higher returnon investment and give you a more long term solution.

For instance, let's say, I go backto search engine optimization, you know, it will take you maybe three, six, eight monthsto get on the first page of Google, but once you're there and you maintain it, the returnon investment you're going to get year after year is going to be much higher than alwayshaving to go back to each neighborhood and canvas the area week after week, month aftermonth.

Because it takes time and it takes money to do that.

It takes time and moneyto do search engine optimization, but at the same time, the results you're going to getfor the long term is much greater with an online presence like search engine optimization,getting ranked on like Google, compared to just going door-to-door or leaving businesscards and brochures.

That's my take on it, there's many other that you can do onlinethat's going to help you out aside from just going physical door-to-door, walking to eachcustomers' house, or each persons house and car.

And also, that maybe a big turn off forpeople because again you're kind of just walking on their property or in the shopping centeryou're leaving business cards on their car.

That's just something that most people like.

Again, there are going to be few people out there, a few detailers out there that actuallydo get customers by rare occasion or for whatever reason that specific person needed their carservice.

Yes, it does work at times.

I'm not saying it doesn't.

I'm just saying for thetime and money you put into that compared to what you could invest in online and theresults you're going to get is night and day.

So hope this video helps, let me know downbelow what you think about door-to-door marketing or canvassing as they they.

And what you'redoing online to get your business off the ground and moving forward.