Crappy Car- Plastic Business Cards

you don't drive a crappy car or live in the ghettoso why are you using the same business card as a $12 start-up.

I know it'sprobably because every other choice is worse, that is until now.

You see Idecided that I wanted to use my business card to show off what I could do as aprinter, so I didn't care what it cost me or how long it took me to make them Ijust wanted to knock people socks off, so what I made has seven layers, is thin, flexible, waterproof, stain proof, ithas corners that woun't scrunch- up or separate and apremium-quality look and feel like no card I've ever seen before.

In fact Iheard so many times "you should sell these, you'll make a million bucks" that I decided I'dsell these and see what happens.

So grab your wallet send me your card file and strengthenyour introductions with the most outstanding, long-lasting, visuallystunning business cards anywhere.