Create 2D Barcodes for vCard Business Cards

This video shows you how to create 2D bar codes for your business cards by using Barcode Studio's new data Assistant.

This special feature simpilfies the creation of 2D codes for mobile tagging dramatically.

Make sure that Bacode Studio version 11.

5 or higher is installed and start the programm.

For this demonstration I choose a QR-Code on the right and adjust the size of the barcode to fit my needs.

To enter the barcode data I open the new Assistant.

The list on the left shows the supported input methods.

Depending on the selected barcode type some of these methods might not be available.

With the Assistant you can enter raw barcode data directly,.

for industrial applications you also have the possibility to create a barcode using GS1 Application Identifiers,.

the Assistant supports a lot of special barcode formats for marketing and mobile tagging applications.

You can create barcodes for your business cards using the vCard or meCard format.

The barcodes encode contact details that may be scanned with your iPhone, your Android or WP7 smartphone.

You can create mobile tagging barcodes for visiting a web-site or texting a message.

And finally you have the possibility to encode events, twitter tweets or facebook likes in a 2d barcode.

In this example I create a QR Code for my business card using the popular VCARD format.

I enter my contact details.

In this area the raw data which is encoded in the QR Code is displayed.

Click Apply to see the preview of the barcode.

Click OK to finish data input.

By checking Optimize you'll get a perfect sized barcode.

Now I can export the barcode as bitmap or vector image and use it in my business card artwork.

Try it yourself! A free Demo of Barcode Studio is available on TEC-IT's website.

I hope this video has been of interest to you! Thanks for watching!.