Create a Business Card with the Avery Wizard

Hello, it's John from Avery and we're goingto take a look at how to create business cards using the Avery Wizard.

Click on your AveryWizard icon once you have Word Open and you get the Wizard launch screen.

I want to remindeverybody to only use Avery brand products for quality results.

We're going to click the Next button, which gives us a complete list of the products availablein the Wizard.

We are going to be able to narrow that down if we need to by clickingon the category we are going to be working in, in this case business cards, much shorterlist then, right? And an even better way and quicker way to find a template is to typein the product number you see on the product or the packaging: 5871 is our business cardproduct number.

We are going to click search and there it is.

We are going to click Next.

Now we have a selection of designs that we can choose from.

What we want to do is take a design from this selection and adapt it to what we need.

I'mgoing to pick this design.

It's got a graphic on the corner up here next to the companywhich I am going to replace with a logo.

I'm going to click Next.

Now we have some choices where if you are doing a mail merger or any sort of databasestuff with your design, you could use this selection screen to make the right choices.

In this case we are going to create a sheet of identical layouts.

We are going to createa set of business cards that all have the same information on each one.

I'm going toclick Next.

Now we are in the Avery Design Screen andwe have some familiar buttons here for Word users.

We are going to select the graphicand we are actually going to replace this graphic with a new one.

Select the graphicand then click on the Insert Clip Art button and as you can see we have a few graphicsin this folder.

I'm going to pick this dog with the orange back ground.

Now our graphicsall ready to go.

I'm going to make it a little bit bigger and then I'm going to do some stuffto the text here.

You can see how some of the text jumped downa little bit.

So, I'm going to reduce the size of this text to 9 points.

I'm going tomake the text bold.

I'm going to take the Company and I'm going to actually write YourCompany.

I'm going to change the type to a little bit stronger type: Endurance Pro.

Iam going to make it a little smaller.

I'm just showing you various options you can accessin order to make your design unique.

Another thing that I'm going to do here isI'm going to take this black type and I'm going to make it a colour that complementsthis dog with the orange background.

I'm going to pick an Orange that comes close to thisbackground colour.

I could get even closer if I needed to using colour options that youwould be familiar with if you've used Word before.

I'm also going to select this setof copy and I'm going to make this a dark gray.


So, I believe that we're readyto go.

I'm going to click Next.

And here we have an option to look at a PrintPreview.

What's nice about the Print Preview is that you can look at your entire sheetof cards; if you see a problem with your cards, you can come back to this screen and hit Backand make any changes that you need to make.

You can't do that once you hit Finish.

So, we are going to click Print Preview and we are going to look at these cards.

Theylook pretty good and you can zoom in.

Take a look at them.

They are all the same.

So,I'm going to click Close Preview and since I'm happy with the cards, I'm going to clickFinish and there we are.