Designline Graphics, Inc. Company Overview – Business Storyfilm

My name is Henry Fan.

President of Designline Graphics, Inc.

in Nevada.

I moved here in 2001 I had an office in Chicago and then we started up a small office here, so we have two separate offices.

But being online, after two years I didn't feel there was need a for separate office in Chicago because we're an online based business, we're not geographically bounded.

So, we closed the Chicago office and made this my permanent home.

If I had to decide to move somewhere else I wouldn't even know where to go, honestly.

Because, I love the city.

It's the size of the city, the comfort, the convenience.

All of it.

And we get everything we want here.

Well, my background's in architecture.

I studied architecture in college.

Architecture is 3D design and 2D is just natural.

So, you know I started working for a company and the I didn't feel like this was going to be my life and I didn't want to be stuck there seven to five every day and feeling underappreciated and I just thought "Hey, I'm young, I might as well try to start something, if it fails I can always go get another job.

I was in my early twenties you know so I felt comfortable doing that because there were no liabilities Nothing really in my life that I'd be concerned with except student loans.

But I was broke anyways so I might as well try to do something with that.

And after work I would actually get my car and go door to door asking people and businesses if they require or need any design services Basically, a shoestring.

No money, no computer and just a dream.

That's what it was.

I didn't make any money until probably six or seven years after I started.

It was hard.

I didn't take any money out.

That's what I mean by "didn't make any money".

I kept money in the business so that I could do more marketing do more, build a business up and try to give a name for myself and try to brand the company.

Your business card is a reflection of you and your business.

So, what we tried to do is pursue to a higher standard.

I bought this building 2007, it was already finished but I ended up gutting everything.

I broke down the walls and and designed the whole space myself.

I want my staff to come in here and actually enjoy being here.

And then also, beside the product side, the marketing side, that's what I do.

I don't hire a marketing director because me, Brie and a couple of staff we can do it.

Because that's what I enjoy marketing to businesses and seeing results of my work is really what drives me.

I think that for the number or that we process, I think that the last time we checked we're less than one percent, in terms of quality issues and complaints.

Which is pretty good.

I'm pretty proud of that.

I want to see how far we can take this.

I want to see different we can be, and how much further we can push the business card market.

And I'm very content with what I have.

It's not about the money.

It's about the passion right now.