DIY Make Your Own Business Cards with the CardMate Business Card Cutter – Product Overview

The CardMate is a manual business card slitterdesigned for short run production of standard two by three and a half inch business cards.

Using standard business card template softwareprograms you can print business cards 10 up on a standard 8.

5" x 11" sheet of paper usingyour desk top printer.

The CardMate will work with a wide varietyof paper stock including cover, index and bond papers.

Generally if the paper can run through a desktop printer, it will also work in the CardMate.

Set up is simple, take your printed 10 upsheet of paper and drop it into the rear slot on the CardMate.

Margin adjustments make sure the sheet isin the proper position.

Then just turn the crank.

You now have two 3.

5" x 11" sheets.

Take these sheets one at a time and drop theminto the front slot on the CardMate.

Again, you have margin adjustments to alignyour sheets into the proper position.

Now just turn the crank.

There you have a perfectly finished 2" x 3.

5"business card.

The CardMate is simple and efficient; it allowsyour desk top printer to make custom business cards in seconds.

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