Efficient online business card ordering for large business and corporations

If you handle business card orders for yourcompany, chances are, you've experienced how it can sometimes be a real time sink.

Sporadicorder requests, design software headaches, mistake prone proofing, and long turn-aroundtimes all add up to wasted time and money.

Now there is a solution to this mundane officetask that is so easy, anyone in your office can manage multiple business card orders injust a few minutes.

The answer is MyProject, a custom built online ordering system fromOlympus Press that was designed to make ordering print easier than ever.

Here's how it works: You provide us with yourbusiness card art.

Usually this is an Illustrator, Indesign or PDF file.

Once we have your filewe will carefully analyze it taking into account all the typesetting rules that keep your brandconsistent.

Once we have analyzed your art we programit into our system using Python, the same code that runs Google.

This program file wecall a 'style' and it is as unique to your company as your fingerprint is to you.

Next we create a private webstore than canonly be accessed by approved members of your organization.

Your newly created webstoreis always available whenever you need access by navigating to Olypress.

Com/ [your companyname].

Ordering business cards from your webstoreis so easy, most orders can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

Simply select the cardyou would like to order and configure it with the contact information you want.

After youhave typed in the information, our system gets to work.

It takes the programming stylewe created earlier and applies it to the contact information you have provided.

It then instantlyoutputs a press ready file using an adobe Illustrator engine and also provides you witha perfect PDF proof.

Once your proof is approved your order is immediately sent to our pressque.

The MyProject system can be programmed tomatch your workflow.

Features like order saving, approver setup, low inventory notifications,and live phone support make handling business card orders almost too easy.

Not only willMyProject make your order management a breeze, but it does so without reducing your designoptions.

With MyProject, virtually every printing technique in the industry is possible.

Effectslike foil stamping, embossing, and unique coatings plus a full range of premium paperselections are all available to you.

So in review, MyProject can handle your businesscard ordering with more convenience and control than ever before.

It can be adapted to fityour companies specific needs, and your cards will be delivered much sooner than with atraditional ordering process.

Right now you might be thinking "That soundsgreat, but it must cost a fortune.

" If this is you, then you'll be happy to hear thatthe cost to print through MyProject is comparable to any other conventional press, and in certaininstances, even less expensive.

This is because the system cuts out time consuming pre-presssteps making our job easier too.

There is a one time upfront cost to program and developyour unique web store, but since you've watched this video to the end we will waive the setupfee for your companies store if you call us right now and tell us "I watched your videoto the end, please waive my set-up fee!.