Entertaining Decor for Every Holiday with Avery Templates

Hi, I'm Jodie, Organization Expert for Avery.

When organizing your Holiday Parties, have you ever wanted to add a dash of creativity?I know I have and so I wanted to share with you an easy ways that you can use just a fewAvery Products to add a stylish twist to any place setting that will make your holidaytable look amazing.

Using Avery Clean Edge Business Cards, youcan personalize each place card by using graphics tailored to the theme of your party.

HereI'm using a Poinsettia theme that is really warm for the holidays and when you've gotyour design for your place card, you want to print out your guests' names and then putthem in a place card holder and then each of your guests will know where they are sitting.

When I'm entertaining for the holidays, I get asked the question by my guests all thetime: what are we eating? So, to avoid that what I do is to print out your holiday menusahead of time.

So, staying with your theme, you want to put your menus onto the Averypost cards and then place them around where your guests can see them and if you are planninga buffet instead of a sit-down dinner, then you can use Avery Temp Cards and print outwhat each dish is and set them on the buffet table.

So, all you have to do is go to avery.

Com/holiday to download Avery Wizard software for templatesand then fill in the templates using the designs that are there or uploading your own designsand photographs and print.

It's really that easy and your guests are going to be definitelyimpressed this year.

Happy Holidays!.