Free Business Card Template Photoshop

Hi Besties!A lot of you are looking to get business cards for your businessesBut you don't know where to go or you just want to design them yourselfIf you have Photoshop I can help you a touch with this tutorialI found a blog post that has 100 free business card templates for photoshop.

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Z! Go get the computer so we can show them how to edit the free business card templatein photoshop! When working with the template and the photoshop,the first thing that you wanna do is to always click on the arrow here just so that you havethe right tools selected You're not typing anything in funny and yeahSo here we have I opened this and out of that business cards I gave you the ones that Iam choosing to edit these ones So there are two sides the front side andthe back side Open both of those.

Now keep in mind that when you open your template you'reprobably not going to have the same fonts as the template so be prepared for your photoshopand show these little exclamation points in the cornerYou'll just need to find a similar font or just one that you like and when you clickit you will get this 'Oh we're gonna substitute it for something we think it's close, butusually, it's not even close.

So what I'm gonna do with this is I'm gonnaactually find a font that is closest as possible to it and then I'm going to work literallywith this character pallet just pushed it in like it was so that it's close to thatfont already.

You might want to change the words first andthen you can change the colors if you like it and then select this box up here then youcan select different colors from this color pallet or you can go in to the color libraryand change the colors here.

If you're going to print the business cards, I suggest thecolor a color library that says pantone in front of it because these colors will keepyour file and CMYK for printing, then you know that it's gonna be the closest matchto it.

Now keep in mind that every computer screenalso varies so what you're picking out here the ink color might not come up exactly thesame unless you actually have a pantone booklet printed out and those are very expensive ifyou're just doing business cards.

You're not no one to get pantone books so just keep inmind that your business cards might not come up exactly like you choose just because yourcomputer screen might vary but it will be pretty close and a little bit good enoughif you're not gonna hire someone and then you gonna have to accept that it might beclose to the color you want but if for example you choose this yellow it might come out thisyellow.

So it would be the same color but different variation.

If you keep grays andblacks or very solid colors like that then it should come out just fine like that.

So here we have the arrow tool and then we have a text tool here and you click on thetext tool every time you need to change a number and then the emails and then you canalso here in the layers if you drag this up a little bit.

In the layers, you will seeall the different if you double click this T it also like that font as well and highlightit and once again I'm going to shrink it down so that it looks the same as the other font.

We can do that with all of them and you can see the different folders and these wouldbe the icons and if you're like I wonder what this is, I use the eyebrow tool and you canclick it off and then back on.

The clicking doesn't delete it, it just turns it off andmakes that invisible.

So you can see these are all the icons overthere and if you click the eyebrow, you can see which one controls which graphic becausein photoshop you can't just click on a graphic and move it.

You have to find the exact layerfor over here and then click on it and then move it.

This is very basic 101 photoshopskills and if you are very new to photoshop and you don't even know the basic tools, Itruly suggest you get a $25 subscription to Lynda just for 1 month and just take likethree class, they're like 5 minutes long.

They have video tutorials on just the quicktools.

It's 25 fixed and you're not hiring someone to do your business cards for you.

Or else, choose someone to do your business cards for you and we have some discounts inthe forum richmombusiness.

Com to do discounts for you as well so that should help you outtoo and then here's the stripe and then the background color as well.

Pretty simple.

Andthen you can do the same thing to this side.

Double click it.

You're not gonna always haveto shrink it down sometimes the computer will have the match font already that's just ifyou don't have the font for the template already.

So go ahead and take a look at the templatesthat I have down the video for you and pick one out and just open it right up in photoshopand then start missing with the text.

You shouldn't be have to do anything else unlessthe text and like the color of the text which you can do up here or if you want to do thebackground here then you want to go to the paint bucket here select a color and thenjust paint it.

So use the paint bucket if you have like any background colors or ifit is like like an icon like this.

That's the background of the icon we can see howthese colors overlay so you can't just paint bucket it in because it's not just gonna work.

So click cover overlay if you see that and you can change that color as well.

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