Free business cards – why we offer Free Business Cards

bjbjq Hello.

My name is Stefan Boyle.

I'mthe founder of Print Republic.

Now, when you are choosing a new supplier, there is alwaysan element of risk.

Are they any good? What's the quality like? What's the service like?So we've decided to reverse that risk.

We'll give you our products for free.

Now we couldsend you out free sample packs with other people's printings for leaflets and flyersand business cards, but they mean nothing to you.

Of course, printers send out the bestsamples they've got.

So we want to give you 100 free high quality business cards.

Youcan go on our website and choose different business card design templates that suit yourbusiness, personalise them with your own information, and then we'll send you 100 free businesscards that are full colour, matt laminated on a high quality card.

All you pay for isthe postage and packing.

Thank you very much.


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