How to Collect Business Cards : Getting Your Own Business Cards

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Com, this is Jason Freedman.

In this clip we will be talking about how you can get your own business card.

You candesign your own using your home computer and these perforated business card sheets thatyou get at any office supply store.

There are always places online where you can getfree cards like these.

The catch usually is on the back of the card, the printer’s logois on the back but it is a way to get cards if you don’t mind that.

You could alwaysuse your favorite search engine and type in the phrase Business Cards and you will get about a million different answers,results.

You would pick those from anywhere in the country and lots of times they havestandard templates and layouts and designs all right there online.

It makes it easy foryou to order the cards and you get those probably relatively quickly within a few days.

Thenext thing you could do is you could support your local economy and go to a local printshop or a copy shop or you could go to a large chain office supply store.

They usually haveprinting services available.

If you want to start spending some pretty good money, youcan hire a graphic designer that way they will come up with some very unique card foryou and as in any hobby there are always specialists.

You can get alternative materials like wood,metal, glass and leather.

There is a company that makes comic books super hero type cardsbased on a photograph that you send to them of yourself and they turn into a super heroand finally on a really high-end, there are cards marketed solely to the jet set crowd;folks who are for instance selling multi-million dollar real estate or mega yacht.

These cardsreally offer people who want to standout from the crowd and differentiate themselves bythe high status of their cards.