How to create a digital business card

today we're going to show you howbusinesses and professionals like you use Peg with their business cardseven if they don't print their peg links on them this is important because it makes itreally easy for your contacts to save your detailed contact information includingmore information than what you have on yourbusiness cards this helps to make sure that your cards are not so easily discarded let's get started in this example Cherylvisits pegworks.

Com and types in Steve's phone number from his business cardusing the Find feature and within a couple of clicks Cherylsaves Steve's contact information to her preferred address book Since Cheryl is a member of Peg Steve receives and email with Cheryl's contact information Cheryl meets steve and alba at a businessconference all three of them are members peg fromtheir business cards cheryl types in a phone number for one and an email for another in the same search Alba and Steve's detailed business contactinformation is now unlocked for Cheryl to get started visit pegworks.

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