How To Create A Video Marketing Strategy – How to turn business cards into cash

How to create a video marketing strategy we have noticed then there are a lot ofpeople out there who have a video made and put it on their website that doesn't getmuch traffic.

than expected to get new leads So it doesn't matter how good the video is, if nobody is watching it ,it's not going to have an effect so this is our five step guide onhow to create a video strategy.

first off you were being followed his advice immediately or dosomething for you have a mission for all latest campaign had a full of salesmeetings we need to think she would all my videos which 2010 generating leads toa phone call to set up some meeting or do I just wanna educate my audiencewe've got your mission thing to do now is to some careful planning what youneed your video to do that you need some kind of man without that just flyingblind in order to achieve although we decide to reach out to the street metlast six months we didn't wanna reach out to anyone was known are a bit neverheard about us just too cold elite we took over the business cards picked upnetworking the last six months and we put them into a database and thentransferred that no plan no matter how brilliant work executed so now's thetime to just go ahead and do it the business cards and we entered theminto CRM software called capture this then links with Belgium meaning throwand once we've done that we cannot be clever title which would be something ifyou saw interest and shot a video was gonna be if you don't measure you won'tbe able to see how effective your baby and also if you don't measure well youwon't be able to repeat that process that you doing you want to be doing then came to bemore so we knew the people who were following up with it as long as theywould be interested in 10 then we may disclose the result was a small numberof people that we find all came to an end.