How to Create Business Card Mockup – Photoshop Tutorial

First create a new document.

Size about 3000×2000 px with 300 dpi.

You can use any size you want.

Now your document is created.

Now go to google or any free image size.

search for business card perspective image.

Plenty images will be shown.

Choose what you want.

I chose this.

And downloaded this.

Now go back to Photoshop and open your downloaded image.

Now copy this image to main document which is created before.

Resize this copied image to match the document size.

Now select rectangle tool.

Size it 3.

5 in x 2 in.

Select any color you want.

Now convert this rectangle layer as smart object.

Its time to transform this smart object to create realistic perspective.

Looks good.

Now position this where you want.

Now its time to give some layer effect.

Do it like me.

You can change something if you want.

Now its time to create a beautiful background.

Go to layer styles and follow me again.

A clean and nice background is created.

You can also use another background if you want.

I am creating layer groups for layer organization.

You can ignore it.

Now its time to test this 😀 but not yet finished.

Open a business card design image.


Right click smart object layer and click edit content or you can just double click smart object layer.

New document appeared.

Now paste Now just save.

You can close this document.

It worked! Its time to create a realistic shadow for more realistic look.

Now duplicate smart object layer and drag it to bottom and clear layer style and rasterize.

SHIFT+Click to layer thub to select.

Now fill it with black color.

Sorry for delay.

I was confused :p Now go to filter > gaussian blur Now give radius 10-15% Change this layer normal to multiply and turn down opacity to 50-59 Business card shadow is created.

Your mockup is ready! Now you can save this mockup template anywhere you want for any future use.

You can also download this template which i created.

Link in the description.

Now testing it again.

It worked again :p Now you can save this document as jpg to show your business card design with realistic look.

I hope you like this tutorial.

Sorry for my bad English.