How to Design a Business Card

– Hey guys, so a littlewhile ago, I made a video about how to design a resume,and I got some requests asking if I could make a video about how to design business cards.

So, that's what I'm doing right now.

So, let's switch it up alittle and start at the end.

The final step is going to beto make a sweet music video about how awesome your new cards are.

♫ Take a look at my card ♫ My business card ♫ I work so hard baby ♫ 'Cause I'm a YouTube partner crazy ♫ But how do we get to that point? So, the standard sizefor business cards is three and a half by two inches.

It's really not very much space, so you need to figure outwhat purpose you'll be using the cards for and what information you need to put on the card.

Will you being giving yourcards to potential customers, to potential YouTube viewers,to someone who you want to hire you for a job? Think about what you want the recipient to get out of the card before youeven sit down to design it.

No matter what your use case,though, your business card should always match your other branding.

Your website, resume, coverletter don't have to be identical, but they shouldlook like they all belong to the same design family, whether that's consistentlogos, photography, color scheme, typefaces.

If someone picks up yourcard, they should be able to associate it with all the other material you put out there to represent yourself.

You can keep it simple.

That's totally fine.

Or keep it more playful,whatever you think best represents you.

So what information do youreally need on the business card? It'll vary for everyone,but pretty much always, your name or company name.

Maybe a slogan.

And then just contact information.

Email, website, twitterhandle, YouTube channel.

Depending on the size ofyour card, I recommend cutting it off at aboutfour or five lines of text.

But if you do include more,just make sure it doesn't get too cluttered.

If you're a YouTuber, youmight want to consider including a photo ofyour face on the back, since your face is kindof what you're selling.

Just make sure it's ahigh quality photo and not a screenshot from like a 360p video.

And you know, there are somany different possibilities for how to design a business card, that it can get really overwhelming.

But just try to stay focusedon what it is you want to communicate, and hopefullythat'll help you come up with some good design ideas.

Just make sure that your layout and typography are impeccable.

Business cards are sosmall and so minimalist that you really needto put a lot of thought into every single element.

Make sure every word isspelled and positioned and kerned perfectly,because any mistake will be the only thing you're ableto see when you're holding 500 cards in your hand.

Also, don't be afraidto use small typography, just like I mentionedin the resumes video, no high school teacher is making you use 12 point Times New Roman anymore.

Try a nice San Serif, maybe at six points, and just print it out tomake sure it's still legible.

Big text on a little card canjust look horsey and amateur.

So, bring your type down,and leave enough white space that still looks balancedand professional.

Also, you could considerpersonalizing your cards somehow.

I've seen some companies whojust order blank, generic cards and then get each employee a rubber stamp so that they can justmake as many as they need.

Or you could sign them, oryou could write something.

In one of my previous carddesigns, I actually wrote what I was to the personI was giving it to, whether it's a graphicdesigner or a YouTuber.

And everyone appreciates getting something unique and personalized.

So now that you have yourcard design, you need to think about how many cards you actually need.

If you're going tonetworking events every week, maybe you do need to buy1,000 cards at a time.

But don't get sucked intothose "Five million cards for "five dollars" deals ifyou're not actually going to use that many cards.

Instead, put that moneytowards a quality print shop where you may get lesscards, but the quality will be so much better.

And you won't be representingyourself with cheap materials.

If you don't put in theeffort to make high quality business cards, what will makeanyone else think that you do quality work anywhereelse in your life? Just like you might buy a nice suit jacket or get a nice haircut to presentyourself well to the world, your business card reflectson you the exact same way.

There's actually this greatblog post from awhile ago where this guy got thesame card printed by five different companiesand compared the quality and cost of each.


Com came in on topfor quality, of course.

They're all I ever use formy business cards these days.

They are pretty pricy, but they do these really cute mini cards, as well as these really nice, thick cardstock cards.

And they do this thingwhere you can print the same front on all of your cardsbut have all different backs.

So, for my current cards, Igot some with my face on them and then some with mydesign and crafting work, so that I can give themto different people, depending on how I wantthem to remember me.

And finally, no businesscard how-to would be complete without mentioning thosegimmicky business cards that always show up in those "50 Best Business Cards" blog posts.

There's a thing inherentlywrong with these types of cards, but if you decide to make yours like that, just make sure that yourconcept is strong enough that it's worth putting inthe extra money and effort.

Be aware that if your card is a weird size or an uncommon material orhas lots of die-cuts or folds, that they can get lost orruined when people drop them in their bags and desk drawers, so just make sure they're durable, too.

And don't let your conceptoverwhelm your design.

Don't get so obsessed with thegimmick that you lose sight of the core purpose of abusiness card, which is usually to communicate contact information.

So, I hope this was useful for you guys.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions,or if there is anything else you want to see me make avideo about how to design.

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And thank you all so much for watching.

I'll see you all next time.

♫ Take a look at my card ♫ My business card ♫ If you want my number ♫ You'll have to ask becauseI didn't put it on the card ♫ Bonus craft project: I wascleaning the other day, and I was really sick ofthe color of my tissue box, so I covered it in silverfoil tape, and now it looks like a spaceship, and it'sall shiny and adorable, and I love it.

I might do more videosabout how to personalize your tissue boxes, so let meknow if you want to see that.