How to Do Amazing Business Card Trick | Magic Tricks

Rogue: Alright, we've got here some businesscards.

I'm going to sign, put my initials on that body right there.

And here take thepen.

I want you to write your initials on the back of the card, right here on the whitespace.


Heather I'll give you a hand.

Put your hand on top of the card.

These areall unmarked, correct? Heather: Yep.

Rogue: I'm just gonna take a random one rightover here.

Nothing on the back correct? No signature? Heather: No.

Rogue: Okay, watch this it's pretty interesting.

Watch, take it.

Just like that.

Do you see it? There's a signature on it now.

Your signatureactually, your initials.

Watch, just like that there is no signature on the front.

Takea look.

My signature is on the front but yours has disappeared from the back.

Check out theback.

Heather: How'd you do that? Rogue: Pretty well.

This is actually one of my pet effects soyou can definitely use this to hand out your business cards, it's really, really cool.

You need stack of business cards, around 30 business cards.

Preferably your own so youcan actually promote for yourself.

What I would like to do first is to sign the businesscard with my initials.

So you sign the business card with your initials, right there.

Andthen you are going to have them, the spectator, sign the back of the business card.

But beforethey do that you are going to do something that is called a Double Lift.

Basically youare going to lift up two cards as one.

So you feel from the bottom, as you feel twocards you turn them over as one card.

So it looks like the back of the card you've signed.

Now you have them sign the back of the business card, what they think is the back of the businesscard, which is actually the back of the card in the back of it.

Now you're going to doyour Double Lift one more time.

Lift up two cards as one and turn it over so they seethat you're signature is still on the front of the card as it should be.

At this point you are going to take the topcard, the one with your signature on it but doesn't have the signature on the back, inbetween their hands like a sandwich.

Leave them right here for now.

There signature isactually on the back of this card but they don't know that.

You are going to take anindifferent card, another card, and you are going to face it out so there is no signatureright here.

You are going to do your Double Lift one more time for the transposition.

Now there's two cards back to back, one with the signature on the back, this one has nosignature.

You are going to hold it from the opposite corners and you are going to waveit back and forth.

As you do that you are going to take your first finger and you aregoing to pivot it.

Now there is no signature on the front but there signature pops up onthe back.

You can tap their hand from the bottom with the business card and they seeinside their hand, now the reveal, your signature is still here but their signature disappearsfrom the back and has transposed to the card that you changed.

So that is the BusinessCard trick or the Signature Transportation.