How to Get Cheap Business Cards & Create Business Cards Online │ Moo Cards Review

Hi, I want to tell you about one of my absolutefavorite website when it comes to printing stuff, which may not seem a big deal to youbut all the time we need to print things like business cards, maybe flyers, postcards, stickers,funny labels that go in a back of an envelope to tell people where they came from.

And thisis our website of choice.

Why is this one so different than the others? Certainly thecards and everything are beautiful, great quality stock, all that kind of stuff.

Butthe main thing is a special magic trick this guys have.

You can make the back side of eachcard, or sticker, or flyer, or whatever, different than the others.

Let me show you what I actuallymean here.

Let’s say we’re going to do a business card.

We certainly do all of ourbusiness cards through here.

You can see you can start making cards from 20 bucks for abox of 50, which is pretty great.

Down here, be sure to check out the actual sizes thatyou want.

We use the moo size, which is their own size.

Or you can have standard size cardsif you want.

It’s just a little different, which I like.

And you can certainly downloadtemplates and make sure you got the exact right size as jpeg or whatever you’re goingto upload to this thing.

Let’s just start making thing and see what we can find.

Whatsize would you like your cards? Obviously, I like these moo ones.

Those are the oneswe have already.

We can use their designs but I like designing our own.

Let’s clickon this middle one and see what shows up.

So it’s loading an empty project for us,and it’s asking us to use flash which is cool.

You can do that and here we are.

Sowhat we can see here is the front design which currently looks pretty blank and boring.

Andthe back design.

Notice that you can have one front, but many backs – up to 50 uniquedesigns.

And we have some designs standing by to upload.

The question, where do you getthis actually done? It can be quite expensive to get design done.

We go to only one place.

This website called fiverr.

Com which is a huge marketplace of things you can get donefor $5.

I kid you not.

Amazing work for 5 bucks.

You just type into it whatever youwant done, and this case, business card.

And the people who’d like to design their businesscards for you for $5 just pop up.

There are 2000 of them who’d like to help you withthat.

We have another video on this.

So feel free to pop over to YouTube and if you justtype in Fiverr tutorial, you’ll see us pop up, there we are, way up the top.

And thatwill give you some details about Fiverr.

For now trust me, you can get great business carddesigns.

However, you want to tell them that it’s from moo.

Com, so they give you exactlythe right resolution.

So let’s assume you’ve got great design ready to go.

What happens?Firstly let’s play with the fun to these things.

We click on edit and we can startplaying with this side.

Down the bottom here you can see that you can change the layout.

They’ve got a whole bunch of different templates here or you can just completely upload yourown.

In this case, let’s just check I guess that one there.

And it gives us a layout.

Here, we can put in text.

By the way, you don’t have to put your name there.

You putyour name down here if you want to.

You can just use whatever you like.

You can changethe fonts, put your website down here.

What’s cool about it, is that you can change thecolors.

This is a full color service.

Change the font size if you wanted, change the alignment,all of that stuff is absolutely fine until you get a card that you like.

By the way,I hate having a white background.

Let’s have something more interesting and therefore,let’s change our copy to white.

You can really fool around with this until you’rehappy with the result.

Now, I’ve got something that says blue on blue, it won’t work.

Andwhy don’t we make Tim Levy into bold and make him just little bit bigger too.

So thereis the front of our card.

We can add a logo up here if you wanted to do so.

And that’sgoing to appear on every single card.

Let’s look at the other side by clicking on theFlip button.

At this point you need to add an image or a logo, whatever you’ve got.

We’ve already got one designed.

You might have done it using fiverr.


So here aresome that we’ve used before.

I’m just going to hit Upload, you see we’ve got amess of these things here, some books, some cartoons, some keywords.

All you do is hitopen, it uploads and automatically positions it correctly.

We’re ready to go.

But wecan have as many of these as we want.

We just hit Slide 2 and upload and grab a cartoon.

You want another one, no drama.

Click on plus, click on another Add, upload and let’s geta keyword.

As you can see, if you’re getting set of 60 instead of 50, it’s going to breakthis down.

So how do you get a set of 50? Well let’s go where it says Review yourchanges.

Here down the bottom, you can see how many it wants you to order.

Now it’ssetting it for 200 cards at $75.

I’m not buying that.

So let’s set it back to 50cards, 19 bucks and now we’re ready to rock.

You can see here it says you got 3 designsfor this side, 17 of each.

We can just keep adding them as long as we wanted to, if wewanted to.

We’re adding one more, and one more, and one of my books and off we go.

Thecool thing is, once you’ve actually got them done, you’ve uploaded your images,you’ve checked your review, choose your paper, and add it to the cart.

I’m goingto leave you at this point because I feel you can handle you credit card details onyour own.

All I will say this, when they show up a week or two later, you’re going tobe so happy because these moo cards really are fantastic.

And why would you want differentthings on the back? Maybe different products, different services, different roles, differentkids, different pieces of jewelry.

Whatever it is that you’re into, different cars,you can have on the back and moo.

Com is the one place that you can go to get that donewithout getting 1000 copies of each.

I just want to say, I’m not officially align withthese guys.

I don’t make any money from this.

It’s just something I want to sharewith you guys, so I hope you enjoyed.

If you have any other questions or concerns pleaseadd them in comments section below.

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Net and we havea whole mess of these videos, I hope you really enjoy them as much as we like making them.

See you next time.