How To Laminate Business Cards

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Today'squestion, how to laminate business cards.

There are a number of different kinds of laminatingmachines on the market that can do the job and there are some that are specifically madefor small and quick applications, like card lamination.

For this demonstration, we'lluse the LP 120, a very small, compact, and efficient little laminator that's designedjust for this kind of application.

First, you need to get the size laminatingpouch that you need for your project.

And thickness, they range from 3 to 14mil.

Notall machines can handle all thicknesses.

When putting your card into the pouch, make sureyou get nice even margins.

This makes trimming at the end much easier.

You'll need to makeadjustments to the heat of the machine according to the thickness of pouch that you use.

Alwaysfeed the laminating pouch into the throat of the machine with the crease side forward.

This assures the best laminating seal.

Wait for it to come out the back end completelydone, lay it flat on a table so it can cool completely.

The nice thing about card laminatingis that pretty much any machine that laminates will work, because the width will be enoughfor your card.

That's it, that's how to laminate business cards.

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