How to use Twitter Cards to Generate Leads for your Business

Hey! What if you could get leads from Twitterwith people not even having to enter their name or their email? Like if they could just CLICK and then that could happen? And what if you could do that for FREE? Well, you can! I’ve got to share this with you guys becauseits just too good to keep to myself.

So you go to your little profile icon image.

And then you scroll down to TWITTER ADS.

You do need to have an ADS account set up forthis but you don’t have to pay for it.

You do have to enter a credit card number,but Twitter won’t charge you unless you want them to.

Then you go to CREATIVES.

And then you click on CARDS.

You know People have been talking a lot about Twitter cardsand I know it can be confusing, 'cause its like “What is a Card?” A card is just an attachment.

And what I love about these Twitter cards is thatyou can reuse them over and over again with new tweets.

You can send out ten of these if you want.

I have 2 cards that were created but let me show you how you create one.


And then you go give it a short DESCRIPTION.

So like “Here is my list of awesome juggling tips.

” ok.

And then you upload an image.

And it has to be 800 x 200 pixels high.

I'm not going to do that right this second.

And then you can just create that in Canva 800 by what did I say that was? 800 x 200 pixels high.

Then Call To Action.

"Get it Now!" You do have to have a PRIVACY POLICY on your website, you just have to link to a PRIVACY POLICY.

There is a free privacy generator.

I think its FreePrivacyPolicy.


You could just create one there.

If you don't already have one.

Its a good idea to have one anyway.

So you put a link to that.

And FALL BACK URL, I usually just put that as my website.

And then what you would want to name your card.

And I'm going to say “Juggling Tips.

” And you click AGREE over here.


I didn't enter my privacy policy so its not letting me.

But let's just go over here and I'll show you the cards that I’ve created and then I'm going to show you how you can use them.


Alright here are 2 cards that I created.

And this one is just a generic card that I have running pretty much all the time.

It says “Online Marketing Simplified JenLehner.

Com” Now I’m going to “Compose a tweet.

And I’m going to say “Don’t miss my freetutorials and webinars.

I simplify social and digital media for entrepreneurs and #twittermarketing.

Ok and then I’m just going to do that as a STANDARD tweet and I'm going to click TWEET.

And there it is.

Now If I click on it, LEARN MORE, there.

It says “Awesome! You just made a smart choice.

I’ll let you know when I schedule my next FREE tutorial!” And then here is the back-up link.

It also prompted me with that.

See right here where it says CLICK HERE.

That’s all I had to do to sign up for the list.

If I was someone who saw that.

Let me do it again.

Let's pretend that I'm not me.


I'm you.

And I'm looking through my Twitter feed and I see this and I say OH! I want to sign up for that.

So I'm going to click "Never Miss My Free Tutorials.

" Then I click LEARN MORE.

And that's it! Twitter has just gotten the name and emailaddress from those clicks and saved it for me.

You can connect it to aWeber and Mailchimp too.

But I just do it like this.

And then the way that you find the people who have opted in; that's kind of tricky.

So you go to your TWITTER ADS.

And then to your CARDS.

And then you see this little arrow? This little square with the arrow off to the right? You click on that and it automatically downloads to a CSV file.

Then you can upload that to your Mailchimp or whatever you want.

And you Just remember to do this at least once a week or whatever.

But This is the simplest thing in the world.

And if you want to promote it, even better! Because Then you can target it towards exactly the audience you want to target it to.

And of course with Twitter Ads you can do all sortsof “tailored” audiences.

You can export your LinkedIn contacts into Twitter.

You can upload your email list.

You can “remarket” using their tracking codes.

So lots of options.

But just keeping it super simple, you can come over here and create one of these lead generation cards and send it off into Twitter! Let me know how this works for you.

I can’t wait to hear from you!.