Lea Dalton | Portal Tool: Business Cards | 22 Mar 2016 | Perfectly Posh

– Hey out there PoshLand, it's Lea Dalton, platinum premiere.

Are you ready to get more business from your business cards? I have three quick tipsto share with you today on how you can do just that.

First, you're going to addvalue to your business cards.

That's the conceptbehind these three tips.

So, my business cardsthat I choose to give out are the Get Perky business cards that I ordered from the portal.

It has all the instructionson how they can sign up for perks, along with my website.

The other side has my contact information.

My card now has value soif they have questions or they need to referencehow they can get perks, they can reference my card.

If you want to work ongetting reorders and we all should be working on reorders, but a way to help that using your business cards is to give your card value.

So you're going to add something, write a personal noteon your business card.

Something like, "This cardis good for a free lip-balm "with your next purchase.

" "This card is good for afree deluxe sample pack.

" "This card is good for free shipping.

" Whatever you feel likethat potential customer or your customer wouldenjoy or find valuable, that's what you'll makea little handwritten note on your business card sothat now your card has value.

They'll want to hang on toit a tad longer than maybe they would have just throwingit away because there's nothing on there exceptyour contact information.

Which is important, by theway, that you're giving these out, but we're talkingabout giving something a little bit extra,going above and beyond.

Now the third tip thatI'm sharing with you is a little bit confusing sobear with me till the end and you'll figure it out.

I get four business cardsand I write a number one on one, two on the second,a three on the third and free on the fourth.

I call this my one, two,three, free program.

When I am looking for newcustomers I need referrals and the best way forme to get new customers is through friends,through a warm contact.

So I give my best customersfour business cards that say, "One, two, three, free," and this is what I say to her, "Hey Susie, guess what? Iknow that you really are "looking forward to gettingthis new hand cream, "Good Vibes, it's awesome.

"I'll give you thisGood Vibes for free when "you give out these three business cards "to your friends that you think would enjoy using some Posh.

" Susie's super excited,she's thinking in her head, "Which three people can Igive these cards to so that "I can get the free BigFat Yummy hand cream?" So Susie now goes to her friends, "Hey, check out Lea's site.

"I know you'd really like this product.

" She gives out the firstcard, the second card, the third card, she thencomes back to me and says, "Ok Lea, I've given outall three of my cards.

"Here's their three names,I told them that you would "follow up with them.

" So they're expecting me tocall and follow up with them so it's not scary, she'salready bridged that mountain of objections that you cancome up with when you're trying to talk yourselfout of doing a follow-up.

So Susie's told them that you're gonna follow up with them, you have three new customers, Susie's happy she got aBig Fat Yummy hand cream and your three new customers are happy because now they get to experience Posh with youwhich is what we wanna do.

We're gonna Posh the world, right? So I hope these threequick tips help you learn how to use your businesscards and get more business from your business cards.

Thanks! Bye!.