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so I wanted to show you today lenticular business cards and lenticular postcards most people refer to them as a flipimage 3d animated business card or postcard our show you these are actually are ourbusiness card sizes for realtor that we did you'll see that with the flip of ityou'll be able to see the little sold or unsold sign as you flip itback and forth for we've also done I this particular onethat we did for a cupcake company as you flip it over you'll be able tosee some on the muffins flips over there cupcakes a dentist lovethese as well this is for a daycare and a dentist we offer them also in 4 x 6 size postcard those are two most popular sizes however we do do custom sizes lenticularones as well this was a particular I'll bookmarkthat we did now these are a printing are double-sided print so you'll have the lenticular side onone side and then your full color imprint on the back side event so if you want more information reach outto me I'll be happy to drop in a sample for you in the mail as well thank you do are and.