Linking Business Card Cubes

The basic mechanism for linking two cubeslooks like this.

If you have the cubes facing each other, and turn one ninety degrees, thenthis tab slots into here, and then this tab, you need to open these up a little bit andpull it out, but then it can slot in as well.

It's a little bit tricky sometimes, but that'show it works.

And now you have linked cubes.

That method is a little bit finicky, and asyou get into more advanced structures, it can be harder, so my preferred method is to startwith loose pieces, and build them on top of an existing cube.

So, if you have a cube here,you take two and slot them in like this.

Then you lay one down across the bottom, not attachedto anything yet, and then the construction proceeds very much like the original cube.

So, one on each side, with all the flaps going outside, and then one final one on top.

Sothere's two methods for interlocking cubes.