Make an Oversized Business Card Stand for 4 X 6 Business Cards

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Can I make a stand for my wife's 4 x 6 printbusiness cards for her photography business or will she have to use this cardboard mock-upat her next event? I use a stop block at just over six inchesand cut two pieces of quarter inch red oak for the back and the bottom.

I rip one piece 4 1/4 inches and the otherto 2 3/8 inches.

I see people use shelf liner to hold partsfor sanding but I've never had any luck.

It does, however, make for a beautiful ballet.

I glue 2 thin strips to the bottom for extragluing surface.

I trim them off flush.

Then I decide to cutthem at an angle.

I cut a quarter inch rabbet in the back.

More sanding.

I mark the side using the cardboard template.

Using carpet tape, I can cut both sides atonce.

I cannot, however, keep the tripod far enoughfrom the saw.

Yet more sanding.

I glue one side on.

I check the level on the workbench.

Then I put the level on the stand and usea shim to raise it to the same level.

Then I glue on the other side.

And even more sanding.

Finally, some and spray lacquer.

Now my wife has a stand for her 4 x 6 photocollage business cards.

I like it, but I think it has too many straight lines and angles.

If I had to do it again, I think I'd make it with some curves.

How would you have designed it? Please tellme in the comments below.

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