Make Your Own Business Cards : Business Card Design Layouts

Hello my name is Darin Carter on behalf ofExpert Village today I am going to show you how to design and promote your business card.

Okay we're here and I'm going to talk about doing business cards first thing we're goingto talk about right now is picking the layout what I mean by layout is seeing what programcan handle doing business cards.

There's many programs out there that can design your businesscards or lay them out well since everyone usually has like the office suite you knowwhat the word publisher excel.

Just go ahead and choose that me personally I like usingfireworks and mics.

Part of of studio and mics for micromedia but since we're doingthis for everyone let's go ahead and start on the office suite.

So let's go ahead andopen up word, and once we go to word you'll see at the top where it has file, just goto file, and do gallery, new gallery, once we go to gallery you'll open up a sublistwhere you can pick all different kinds of things you can open.

From there you'll seea category that's says business forms we'll go ahead and click on business forms and thereit has a sub category it'll say business cards.

From here it'll give you like a list of templateson the right it will show you either a premade business card that you can use, or you canjust select that one or delete it all and we can start from scratch.

What we're goingto do now we're going to take this this business card and start from scratch so that we canlearn all basics of creating and duplicating a business card and a professional manner.