Make Your Own Business Cards : Free Business Card Design

Hello, my name is Darin Carter on behalf ofExpert Village.

Today I am going to show you how to design and promote your business card.

Alright we are done creating the business card.

We walked through the steps of how tochoose a layout for a business card using two different programs.

We used MicrosoftWord and Fireworks.

And with Fireworks you can use any other program as well.

You don'thave to use Fireworks.

You can use Photoshop or any other graphic design program that youmight have.

Just something that you can keep in mind of how you can design you fliers.

So what you can do is just try to find a graphics program or just create a plain business card.

But we walked through the steps of creating design, setting up the margins before it'sable to print just so it won't cut off that little part that you want on the flier.

Thatlittle letter might throw people off if it was cut off.

We found out the margins howare cut off points are.

We found out how we can change the full color to black and white.

We walked through the steps on choosing the right font.

Making sure everything was upand running.

Checking the spelling of grammar.

Importing and exporting from another programinto Microsoft Word.

Making sure everything was correct.

Being able to print ten businesscards on one page and making sure it comes out clear, sharp and resolution is high.

Wealso found out how we can print from a business.

Making sure everything is up and running withthat and when the fliers come back the business cards come back you can have it in UV codingor non UV coding.

We also found out that we can have a front and back business card.

Makingsure that it's more detailed and professional looking.

And now all you have to do is justget up, get on the computer and start designing your business card.

Stay professional.