Make Your Own Business Cards : How to Design a Business Card

Hello my name is Darin Carter on behalf ofExpert Village and today I'm going to show you how to design and promote your businesscard.

Now that we've got the best fonts in mind that we want to use for our businesscards.

Let's go ahead and do a layout of how business cards looks.

The usual would be thecompany name and slogan.

Your name, your position, your address, telephone number, your website,email and what you do at that company.

Here on the screen I have it all laid out.

WhatI did for the company name, I made it the biggest, the biggest font you could.

So thesize I chose was 24.

So we put the company name at the top left.

Or you can put it tothe top right.

I underline that so it's stating this is the company name, underneath it iswhat's going on.

Underneath the company name, I have the little slogan there.

Whatever sloganyou have for the company make sure it's catchy enough.

Underneath there I also have the person'sname, I have the position they have.

So for instance if he is the CEO of the company,I'll put CEO.

I have their address or business address listed there.

I also have their emaillisted.

This is all in a different font size.

The biggest font size you have is the companyname.

Other than that it just demonstrates little details.

So we have down there thename, the address, telephone number, the email, and also the website.

Also on the right Ihave what do they do and I also have what type of business they are.