Make Your Own Business Cards : How to Sharpen Images for a Business Card

Hello, My name is Darin Carter on behalf ofExpert Village.

Today I am going to show you how to design and promote your business card.

Alright now that we have this all layed out the only thing that we really pretty muchhave to do now with the producing this business card is just finish the final touch ups.

Tomake sure it actually prints out just nice and just neat and clear.

We already changedthe resolution from semi 2 to 300.

And again there still could be some glitches with it.

However, in Microsoft Word, it might already be set up that the sharpen is already accumulatedwith the program.

However, just to make sure when we are doing our business card in fireworksit might have not covered the graphics we did in there and transferred over there.

Sowe go back to fireworks just in case just before we start laying out all the businesscards on the page.

Must we get to fireworks we have that business card up and then fromthere we will go to filters at the top.

Once we go to filters you will see where it sayssharpen.

A little sub categories will open up with sharpen, sharpen more, etc.

We'lljust go ahead and choose sharpen.

From there it will say it will change all of the picturesto bitmap and that is fine.

From there it will just be a bitmap picture.

And from thereyou will see a little bit of a difference, you will see a little bit of rough edges aroundit.

It will make it so crisp and clear for when it prints it like really stands out.

So once that's all good we'll go ahead and export this from fireworks and import it backinto Microsoft Word.

From there we'll see that the pictures are lined up.

We'll putall 10 on the page for the 8×10 print for home and we will talk about printing yourbusiness cards.