Make Your Own Business Cards : Importing Images for Business Card Designs

Hello my name is Darin Carter on behalf ofExpert Village today I am going to show you how to design and promote your business card.

Alright now that we have our design made out in fireworks let's go ahead and go back toMicrosoft word.

Here we have our layouts of business cards we have all 10 of them on one8 X 10 sheet let's go ahead and click on one of the business card boxes wait till the littlehand goes up there, once you see the hand click it, it will select it all, once that'sall selected we'll hit backspace or delete on your keyboard.

That will take away everythingin that box once that's gone we'll go ahead and import your art design, so let's go aheadand go to insert, and from there let's go to picture, and under the sub category forpicture it will say either clipart or from file.

Let's go ahead and choose from fileremember where you saved that design picture at, me I saved it to my desktop, just so Ican easily find it.

So we go ahead and click it and we import it in there and there itgoes it lines up correctly the margins are all set and correctly and your now able tostart your business card on the 8 X 10 piece of paper.