Make Your Own Business Cards : Using Grayscale on a Business Card

Hello, my name is Darin Carter, on behalfof Expert Village.

Today I am going to show you how to design and promote your businesscard.

Alright, since we saved that picture, we want to now import into Microsoft Word.

So, we'll do the same steps.

We'll go to insert, go to picture, and then from the picture subcategory,we're going to hit from file.

Find that file and we'll put it into Microsoft Word.

Fromthere, our picture is already in there.

It looks all lined up, everything looks good.

The graphics are on there, the font is on there.

Say for instance, if you're printingfrom home and you don't have a lot of ink that will do with alot of colors, and youwant to have it on a grayscale.

You can either print your business card in black and white,or using color.

I'm going to show you how you can print it using black and white.

Fromhere, in Microsoft Word, let's go to format, and then we'll go to the picture.

Underneaththe picture, will have subcategories that will help you fix your picture up.

On thetop tab we'll go to picture.

Under picture you'll see where it says color.

You can choosefrom color to grayscale, to black and white, to automatic.

In this case, we'll choose grayscale.

Once we select that, let's go ahead and check OK.

From there you see your picture turn from colorto grayscale.

Now it's able to print out.

So, there you go, you can be able to havefrom color, or grayscale.