Martin Yale GC10 Single Pass Business Card Slitter

Hi, my name is Paul Widely, Director of ProductDevelopment and Engineering here at Martin Yale Industries.

I am here today to talk toyou about our newest release product.

Our GC10 business card slitter.

You may be familiarwith some of our previous models our GC210, our BCS210 or 410.

The difference betweenour previous models and this model is this is single pass business card litter whereas our pervious modes are two-pass business card slitters.

By having a single pass businesscard slitter you can simple load the paper in one end and finished cards will come outthe other end with our other models you of course have to run it through one pass, comeback, put the cards together and run through for second pass to get your finished businesscards.

This unit was designed with the new Martin Yale philosophy of being robust easyto work on and long service life for customers.

You will notice that it's an all steel construction.

The steel gauge that we are using of course is a very heavy steel gauge and this machineis also designed for simplicity for our end users.

A lot of the competitors out therehave a much more complex operating system and you have to do different selections fordifferent types of cuts to be done stuff like that.

This machine is purely for cutting businesscards for you.

It's simply load and go.

Okay ease of use operation on this new businesscard slitter is simply push your feed tray down, load your paper in and come up, hityour run button.

Remove your catch tray.

Perfect cards every time.

Once you have ran your cardsyour waste simply drops in the cash tray right here.

After you have ran enough 50 sheets,500 cards simply pull the drawer out and empty your scrap, put it back to in place, you areready to go for your next time.

If you have further questions about out newest piece ofequipment here at Martin Yale please call our customer service support they willbe happyto answer all you questions.

Model is currently in stock.