Nation Flyers – Business Cards 1

Today we are presenting three types of businesscards part of the variety we offer.

The first card is a silk business card with Spot UV.

This card is 32PT which makes it very thick Our client chose to add color to the bordersmaking it a very elegant and unique business card.

This second silk business card is worked in what we call Foil Stamp and has 28PT thickness.

The client chose to add the foil detailto his logo and to his personal information on the back.

He also chose a different colorfor the back side.

The last card we are showing today is a PlasticCard.

This one is frosted and has information on both sides.

These cards are very durableand strong but at the same time they are pretty and different.

If you are looking for durable cards we recommend you this card or our Die Hard Business Cards.

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