Navitor Off The Press | Episode 2 – Full Color Raised Print Business Cards

Hey print pros!Today we are at the Navitor Midwest facility talking about full color raised business cards.

Full color digital print is everywhere.

It’s very trendy right now.

But if you want thatadded look of dimension and texture, full color raised print is really the way to go.

And it’s a very affordable option.

To create full color raised business cardsink is first applied to the paper.

Then a special powder is applied to the ink and thepaper is put through a hitting source, causing the ink to rise.

Quantities for full color raised business cards start as low as 250.

There is a varietyof stocks to choose from.

Full color raised business cards allow youthat high end, professional look.

It is used frequently by medical professionals,lawyers, doctors.

We also have some great tools to promote thisprocess to your customers.

You can go on to navitor.

Com and order a miniswatch book that has the full color raised business cards and some examples of full colorletterhead and envelope stocks as well.

It’s a great way to show off to your customerthat high end look and they can really get a feel for what it’s all about.

If you have any thoughts on full color raised printing, leave a comment for me here or inour blog and stay tuned for more featured products.

And don’t forget: visit navitor.

Com for more ideas and inspiration.