New Generation. Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York. Turn Captions for English.

It is my great pleasure to introduce Magdalena Kulish, the Founder of the Orange River Media.

Ms Magdalena is as well a founder of a nonprofit group for Polish Business Women – Women Power.

We gathered today Because I would like us to connect to using social media tools Business cards are the souvenirs of the past You have new tools Is there anyone in the room who does not have a smart phone device? Who is not on Social Media Platforms? Facebook? Is everyone on Facebook? Hands up.

Almost 1/3 of the world's population is on social media platforms Business cards, forget about business cards You have social media tools You are the new generation you can really take it to your adventage Who is ready ?! Listen! I would like all of you to take your phones to your hands Cell phones, I want to see your phones up !!! All of you, take your phones.

up up up.

Now, please open Facebook on your phone Get up! Everyone please get up from your seats Great! Please take your phone to your hands Make sure you have open your social media sites Come up come up to your neighbors introduce yourself, say what is your name what you do.

And connect with each other on social media sites Let's go!.