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As a busy professional, Cathy constantly handsher business card to people she meets.

In fact she never leaves home without it; businesscards are Cathy's key to letting people know how to contact her.

But Cathy also knows that business cards havea MAJOR flaw: They're impossible to keep track of; so mostof her prospects can't find her card when they really need it.

And she doesn't evenwant to think about what a disaster it would be if she ever changed her business address! That's why Cathy uses PXCard.

Com! PXCard.

Com lets Cathy's prospects easily andpermanently store her information online, within seconds of meeting her, just by scanningthe QR code on her business card.

With PXCard.

Com, it doesn't matter if prospectsmisplace Cathy's business card–they'll still know exactly who she is, and how to reachher as soon as they're ready to do business.

And PXCard.

Com's online cardholder lets peoplepluck Cathy's business card right from her website or social network profile–and instantlystore it forever–making her more accessible than ever before.

Cathy's contacts will even receive a notificationif she ever changes her contact info–so she can eventually upgrade to a larger officewithout having to worry about people showing up at the old one! To order your QR-embedded business cards now,OR to create your own FREE digital PXCard and access all its online features at ZEROcharge, go to www.


Com–and make sure your contact info stays right where it belongs.

Inthe hands of your prospects.

PXCard: Your business card for the digital age.