Printing Saskatoon | 3 Tips to Improve Your Print Marketing | UPS Store 8th Street

Hi, i'm Talia Cantafio from the UPS Storeon 8th Street.

Most people only recognize us as shipping, however, today I'm gonna talkabout three things, who we are, what we do, and three tips on how to improve your printmarketing to help get new leads.

Welcome to my store.

My husband and I took over thistwenty year standing store in July of 2011.

Most people only recognize us as shipping,however we are much more than that.

We offer a full printing services, I have a graphicsperson that will help you custom design and print your logos and business cards, a mailingservice you can rent a mailbox from us, and we'll collect your mail and packages, a personalizedpackaging services so that your packages gets to its final destination unharmed.

Now forthe most important part of the video.

3 tips on how to help you improve your print marketingto help you get more leads.

Number one, your business card.

If you don't have one, youneed one.

A business card could be your first or last impression that you give to someone.

Make sure it's updated; your phone number, address, logo.

Number two, besides using businesscards as marketing pieces, why not try sending out brochures, newsletters, flyers, pamphlets,thank you cards.

These are all nice different variations of marketing pieces that will helppromote your services and business.

And number three, the most important part of your marketingpiece is colour.

Ads that are ran in colour are read forty two per cent more than thesame ad in black and white.

Colour brings vibrancy and life to your marketing piece.

I'm Talia Cantafio from the UPS Store on 8th street.

Thank you so much for watching myvideo.

I would love to hear your feedback, fill in the comment boxes below.

And rememberthe UPS Store on 8th Street, we're more than just shipping.