Scan on the go with Office Lens

Have you ever needed to send a signed document when away from the office? Just download the free Office Lens app from Store.

and you're ready to scan and share documents, whiteboards and business cards.

To scan a document.

just make sure it fits in the viewfinder.

For best results, choose a well-lit location and avoid direct lights.

You may also try switching off camera flash.

Now, take a picture.

and Office Lens straightens the scan for you.

If needed, add more pages.

and when ready, tap save.

The scan is saved to your OneNote.

and you can also save it to your OneDrive as PDF, Word or PowerPoint.

You can now send or share the scanned document from OneDrive.

Just open the OneDrive app.

the Office Lens folder under the documents folder.

and select the scanned file.

Finally, select the way to share the file.

Here we'll share a link to the file via email! You can scan a business card like any other document.

When ready, open the scan in OneNote.

and you'll find the information on the card in text format.

as well as the original scan.

To add the contact information from the card to your phone.

just open the attachment.

and save it!.