SDCOE Digital Design & Print – Order Business Cards

If you are looking to order new business cardsyou can now build your card online.

Just click Business Cards in the side navigation to getstarted.

Then click the template you would like to use.

Now you can build your item byentering all your desired information in the fields.

Rollover the question mark icon forinformation regarding format specifications, such not using ALL capital letters in yourfirst and last name.

Enter your position information including your official Job Title, Department,and Division being sure to use the full name.

You have the option to list your site.

Forexample, if you are at the North County location you may want to indicate that here, but youare welcome to leave it blank.

Enter the street address for your location without using abbreviationsif possible.

You also can also enter your Room number if you like.

Enter the city, state,and zipcode.

And enter a Web URL including the prefix www.

the sdcoe web address hasbeen entered for you here as default text, but can be changed if you like.

For instanceyou may want to add an extension like slash its.

You can see this template allows forthree contact numbers, however if you are NOT going to use all 3 fields move the informationto the fields closest to the Email so there are no gaps between the lines of text.

Forexample, let�s say you do not want to list your cell phone number so you leave that fieldblank.

You will notice when you preview your Digital proof there is now a gap between thetwo phone numbers.

In order to resolve this just move the office number down.

This alsoapplies if you are only entering 1 contact number.

Move the information closest to theemail to avoid empty space.

After all your information is entered, click Continue.

Thiswill generate a Digital Proof of your business card.

Look carefully to make sure all thetext is correct.

If you need to make a change X out and click Back to make any edits.

Ifyou hover the mouse over the lower right corner you will see options to enlarge the image,save as a PDF, or Print.

After you have reviewed the digital proof and made any corrections,check 'Text Approved?' And 'Digital Proof accepted?' then continue.

Select your desiredaccount number and how many business cards would like printed.

Then select the suggestedDue Date and Delivery option and click Continue.

If you are ordering for another individualand need to have them review the digital proof you can click Save as Quote to order at alater time.

If you are ready to complete your order now click Finish.

If you have any troublebuilding your business card or need a custom card submit a Graphic Design request throughPrint Orders , Graphic Design-New and a designer will contact you to get you what you need.