Smoothing Business Card Cubes

To smooth out the flaps on a cube, start withone existing cube, and six cards folded the same way as for the original cube.

You’regoing to cover each side with one card.

The flaps are never going to tuck under this;they will always be in an open “staple” shape like this.

like in a “U” shape.

They go on a side just like this.

The way I like to remember it is that you orient thiscard in the way that the flaps from this card are already facing, and then bring it overto cover that gap.

And then it slots right in, like that.

Continue around the rest ofthe sides.

Once you’re slotting one a side that already covered, you may need to pryup the existing card a little bit, or don’t press them all down until you’re ready toclose the whole thing up.

This is more difficult with stiff cards like these.

So, I’m leavingthese raised from the surface a little bit, and I will press them all down at the end.

(Rounded-corner cards are also much easier for this.

) And then, squeeze them all down,and now you have a smoothed out cube that is stronger and sturdier and, depending onwhat you’re building, looks nicer than a plain cube.