Spot Color Business Card Ordering on

We have recently added spot color businesscard ordering to Navitor.


We've been producing spot color business cards for many years,but this is the first time they have been available for online ordering.

This demonstration will show you how to.

prepare your spot color file,specify your colors, and upload your artwork.

We've redesigned our business cards product section into Full Color and Spot Color cards.

You can use our Instant Price Calculator to find your product.

Your wholesale price.

And then start your order.

Or browse the website to make yourselection.

Choose from our Value Spot Cards, StandardSpot Cards or Premium Spot Color cards.

Pick from 1 or 2 colorRounded or Square Corners Flat or Raised InkHorizontal or vertical Orientation And one or two sides.

Then start your order.

First, choose the spot colors you want printed.

Then click Next.

Before you upload your print-ready file, makesure your artwork is setup correctly.

Make sure to specify PANTONE SOLID UNCOATEDcolors that match the colors you chose on the websiteOutline your fonts Make sure that any backer uses the same 1or 2 colors as the front And Save as a PDFwith no compressions and 300 dpi then, back on Navitor.

Comupload your artwork and click nextproceed to backers if available remember that backers need to use the samecolors as the front Next, preview and approve your productThen select your stock Quantity,Then add to cart and complete your order.

That's it! Thanks for using Navitor.