Steal this marketing strategy from Uber

yesterday we had some people over at ourhouse and I was tasked with going to pick up five pizzas one thing that I noticed right away whenI picked up these pizzas – there was no advertising on them at all.

now – oddly enough – at thispizza place there was this – an advertisement (a littlebusiness card) from Uber.

this is the back & frontof their business card now I'm going to go through a quick analysisas to why one of these companies – either Uber or the local pizza place -is worth an estimated $50 billion dollars so here are the Uber cards laid on top of the pizza box.

as Isaid, outside what you see on this pizza box, there is no advertising whatsoeverwhich I thought was really shocking because these boxes are gonna have a lot of face timethey're gonna have a lot of traffic – if you will – with our guests.

so that's areally good opportunity to say something.

but, let's zoom in and take alook the only thing on the pizza box is "made from the finest ingredients" so thisis what I'm going to call – Uber marketing strategy vs thelocal pizza place this is a commodity.

anyone can say they have the finest ingredients at theirrestaurant.

that's something that's not debatable and if you don't have the finest ingredients,people probably don't want to eat there let's take a look at Uber on their business card so – keep in mindthis business card is tiny compared these huge pizza boxes – has a very distinct unique sellingproposition (USP) tab a button, get picked up in minuteswith Uber app on your phone.

so it's very clear – tap abutton if you need a ride let's go through a little bit more.

it has adistinct call to action right on the business card -sign up & enjoy and it gives a little promotion as towhy you should try right now they have a partnership opportunity.

soI'm guessing the pizza place werent the people who actually put outthese cards.

it was some Uber driver who has his or her code on this card so he or she can getreferral bonuses when someone uses this and then – don't forget – if this is not foryou ask for a referral so I'll leave this up to you – which ofthese two companies is work now an estimated $50 billiondollars? do you want more tips like this for building out your company'smarketing strategy? be sure to subscribe to my newsletter onmy website and I'll keep them coming your way thanks for watching.