The Business Card Creator by Laughingbird Software

Learn how to make business cards [GROAN] [SCREAM] [WHINE] [CRIES] [STAMP SOUND EFFECT] -Creating your ownbusiness cards isn't easy.

You need to pull togetherthe best ingredients- a logo creation tool, abusiness card design tool, an easy way to print, andhigh-quality paper stock that doesn't cost afortune, especially if you mess up during printing.

Even if you hire adesigner, they'll charge you for revisions.

And have you ever tried toprint your own business cards? Lining up cardstock in a printer so that they come outstraight is a huge challenge.

And coming up withdesigns from scratch can cost you just too much time.

So if you're readyto be awesome, start creating today withthe Business Card Creator by Laughingbird Software.

The Business Card Creator givesyou a fun and super easy way to create your own logo anddesign your perfect business card.

Choose from a bunch ofready-made logos and business card designs.

You can modify every inch of thetemplates– change backgrounds, alter the fonts, dragand drop built-in images, and import your own graphics.

Once you finalize theperfect look and feel, just click to get your cardsprofessionally printed.

No more messing aroundwith printers, ink, and lining up thecrazy card stock.

With the push of a button,you can upload your design to the print shop, choose froma variety of stock and paper weight.

And if you want, youcan brand other items like magnetic signs,coffee mugs, or mouse pads.

In just a few days, you'llhave beautiful-looking cards that you can beproud to pass around.

And you can sell the cards youcreate to your own customers.

You don't need a designguru or specialized skills to create a look like this.

The Business Card Creator givesyou a fun and super easy way to create your ownbusiness card and logo you'll always make the perfect business card.

With Laughingbird Software,you and your business will look awesome.